Calculation model v2 (pro version)

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Описание товара Calculation model v2 (pro version)

UPDATE: Latest version 3.28

What's new in calculation model v2:
– Fixed more than 40 small bugs and improvements.
– New Goodwill module with information about goodwill factors and investment performance.

UPDATE: Tutorial for calculation model v2 (pro version)

UPDATE: Latest version 3.02

What's new in calculation model v2:
– New correct translation in english.
– Fixed more than 30 small bugs.
– New Strategy module. Now you can simulate all 5 decisions and choose the best one for game.
– Demand prediction module 100% remade. Module calculates elasticities changes of demand factors and impact of competitors' decisions. Forecast accuracy increased to 2 times.

Many teams do not calculate anything at all or use very lousy models. From our experience - the better model you use, the further you go in challenge. This calculation excel model is powerfull companion in your journey to defeat other teams. Zip archive contains calculation excel model in english language with configuration worksheet v2. Other languages can be downloaded in store. Model can help to improve your decisions and contains:

– Operations calculator
– Finance calculator
– Demand prediction module
– Investment perfomance prediction module
– Opponents analysis
– Strategy module fo 5 periods

Operations calculator consists of several parts:

– Physical resouces (space, machines, materials, internet statistics)
– Human resources (production personnel, assembly workers, agents and distributors, transport, carbon footprint)
– Product data (quantities, delivered, orders, sold, backlog, warehouse stocks, guarantee services, product improvements, components)

Finance calculator consists of several parts:

– Administrative expenses (accumulated taxable profit, insurance)
– Income statement (sales revenue, cost of sales, gross profit, earnings per share)
– Balance sheet (non-current assets, current assets, liabilities, equity)
– Cash flow statement (operating activities, investing activities, financing activities)

Demand prediction module helps you to follow consistent approach in solving demand for next quarters which is one of the most important things in global management challenge. It gives you ability to see everything you need on one page, including how your decisions influence production capacity.
This part is the core of your decision. global management challenge is mainly about demand prediction, working efficiently and rising investment perfomance in last decision. This module covers demand prediction and partly efficiency. Module forecast changes in demand from each of factors:

– Backlog
– Seasonality
– Assembly
– Research and development
– Corporate advertising
– Direct advertising
– Prices
– Agents and distributors - comisssion
– Agents and distributors - support
– Agents and distributors - recruit
– Premium materials
– Training
– Management budget
– Internet ports
– Web-site development
– Opponents
– Market share

Investment perfomance prediction module contains useful tips about how to rise investment perfomance in last decision. Module covers investment perfomance prediction from each of factors:

– Dividends
– Liquid assets
– Research and development
– Market shares
– Backlog
– Resources
– Agents and distributors
– Profit

Oponents analysis helps you quickly orient in information flow, which is especially important in final rounds:

– Stock market data (share price, market valuation, dividends, investment perfomance)
– Business intellegence (product prices, production employees, assemby wage rate)
– Company balance (assets, liabilities, equity, net worth)
– Competitors business activity (market shares, advertising, product development)

Strategy module for 5 periods contains operations and finance calculator for all 5 periods, where you can simulate your decisions for whole game in one place.

Cells colors:

– White background, Blue font - cells with formulas, do not change.
– Green background, Red font - for manual input.
– White background, Black font - static data from report or constant, do not change.
– Red background - alert, check your decision, it is not good enough.

Warning - model contains VBA macroses, so you need to activate macroses in excel worksheet. Write us, if you still have problems.

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